ADS instance will not start after updating to AMP 2.0.6

  • Last Post 21 August 2020
kprose posted this 21 August 2020

OS Name/Version:

 Windows Server 2019 Datacenter (Desktop Experience) Build 1809 

Product Name/Version:

 AMP v2.0.6

Problem Description:

I updated ADS to version and now it looks like it hangs while starting. The only other thing I changed was I updated from Java 8 to Java 11 but I could restart and it would work just fine before the AMP update.

Before Update:

After Update:

Steps to reproduce:

1. Update to 2.0.6

Actions taken to resolve so far:

I have restarted the server, toggled the instance between not being a service and being a service. 

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Mike posted this 21 August 2020


kprose posted this 21 August 2020

I did that, 10 times now. I checked Event Viewer, nothing. I tried to switch to the Nightly build to see if anything changed, nothing, so I switched it back to Mainstream. I also did your suggestion on another post to run upgradeall --nocache

Mike posted this 21 August 2020

Turn on debug logging:

kprose posted this 21 August 2020

Here is the log after enabling all debugging settings (Monitoring.LogLevel=0, Monitoring.ProduceStartupScripts=True, Security.LogSensitiveProcArgs=True). I do not see any other logs anywhere in the datastore as mentioned by the documentation