Allow scheduled time triggers to be edited. Allow reordering of triggers.

  • Last Post 12 December 2019
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crixmadine77 posted this 12 December 2019

As of v1.9.1.0, time triggers can not be edited to change the time, or even check on the scheduled times. The only indicator you have is what you labeled the trigger with at the time of creation.

If possible, please allow time triggers to be edited. This will make it easier to reschedule things without the need to recreate triggers, and then re-add all the actions for a trigger.

As Triggers only add to the bottom of the list, it makes seeing the organization difficult. Please allow for manual re-ordering of the triggers, or at least Alphabetical/numerical organization based on the user-defined name of the trigger.


I see there are some similar suggestions.

Mike posted this 12 December 2019

All of this is planned. There's some underlying work that has to be done first. See the first item in the change log.