AMP is another pure bug fix release with no new features.


  • Better failure detection when using lscpu for system info.

RCON Plugin

  • Fixed permissions issue for Passthru mode. Passthru for SourceRCON now works as intended.

AMP Service Handler

  • Changes to how service permissions are updated so that non-admin users can start/stop the service.

Instance Manager (Core)

  • Now prevents multiple copies of ADS from running in the same environment.
  • Autoconfigure now tries to use an instances preferred port if possible.
  • Running shared instances on Linux are now located correctly by matching up working directories.
  • Correctly shows version number for shared instances.

Instance Manager CLI (ampinstmgr)

  • Skip upgrade attempts on shared instances.
  • Quickstart on Windows now automatically opens a browser to the approriate URL to continue setup.

Instance Manager GUI

  • Now writes out log files to %localappdata%\CubeCoders\AMP\InstanceManager\ instead of just hidden debug logging.
  • Includes automatic error submission, same as AMP itself.
  • Fixed stalls if errors occur during instance creation/configuration. Reports errors correctly and logs.


  • Correctly ends 'Creating Instance' task when using remote targets.

Minecraft Module

  • Updated config to use SpongeVanilla instead of SpongeForge (SpongeForge is a mod, doesn't require AMP to install)
  • Fixed an exception calculating file hashes if the download failed but erroneously reported success (sometimes happens if AV removes .jar after download for example)
  • Output from installation scripts (BuildTools, etc) are now shown in the main console in AMP itself.