AMP Backend connection lost

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Thornbush42 posted this 3 weeks ago

Log: (AMP) - OS: Linux / Ubuntu 18.04 - Trying to do: sftp login and/or web panel login - What happens: sftp hangs on connecting before eventually failing and web panel loads infinitely (spins) and reloading the page or using another browser does not help - Errors shown: &

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Mike posted this 3 weeks ago

What actions are you trying to perform when it hangs up? I can't reproduce this issue no matter how many times I reconnect SFTP.

Thornbush42 posted this 3 weeks ago

Nothing specific causes it besides either reloading the web page or reconnecting via sftp. it's not easily reproducible, seemingly random. But it has happened 5 days in a row now and the logs never state any issue.

Thornbush42 posted this 3 weeks ago

I will add, the instances continue as normal, as well as any scheduled tasks. The only thing that stops working is sftp access and the web panel.

Thornbush42 posted this 2 weeks ago

It has just happened again. I was changing directories in my sftp client, and selected some files to download from the server, and then it tried to reconnect to perform the action and it hung and could no longer connect. This also stopped the web panel from working.

Mike posted this 2 weeks ago

As a sanity check, does this happen if you use another client like winscp?