AMP Controller Backend Connection Loss

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theDarkPotato posted this 2 weeks ago

OS: Windows Server 2019 Datacenter (Controller: Desktop Experience; Target: Server Core w/ FoD) Product: CubeCoders AMP v10.9.9.10 (b. 23-Jun-20)

Problem: The AMP Controller locks up after a while, with following error: 'Reconnecting Your connection to the AMP backend was lost. AMP will attempt to reestablish a connection.. If you chose to have your password remembered, you will be logged in automatically without interruption.'

The Controller is clearly pingable and refreshing the page wout/ cache (Ctrl+F5) results in the page being reloaded, but continuing to display the error.

Reading the logs, it seemed to be a target failing to connect, however this issue was resolved the same error is occuring. This issue is UNLOGGED by the ADS Instance.

Steps to Reproduce: Configure a split deployment

Actions Taken so far: Resolved bad connections to the ADS Controller.

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Domekologe posted this 5 days ago

I have the same issue with Firefox. Did you try it with Google Chrome? With that browser all is working fine.

theDarkPotato posted this 5 days ago

We've been discussing this on the bug tracker. It is a known issue and not browser dependant. We've tried Internet Explorer, Edge, Firefox and Chrome. Mike told us it has been fixed in the nightly build