AMP installs in a random directory

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Flussburrito posted this 16 February 2019

AMP Always chooses to Install the datastore on the drive with most free space and I have to move it and Change the Registry Afterwards. This can lead to acl Problems and could be avoided by letting The User choose an instaldir.

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Mike posted this 16 February 2019

You can change it during setup already by using the custom option.

Flussburrito posted this 16 February 2019

OK, sorry I missed that, but why do things different from any other Installer on Windows and make this a "custom" setting.

Mike posted this 16 February 2019

Your question doesn't make sense. Most installers let you pick the installation directory and so does AMPs, but since the datastore isn't part of AMP itself and is a 'component' then if you want to put it somewhere else then you need to specify this explicitly during installation. You can also just re-run the installer to change it.

Flussburrito posted this 17 February 2019

Yes, you are right, but it is not that obvious if you are new to AMP and there is no information where all the data is written, because you have to know that it will pick the drive with the most available free space on it.

Mike posted this 17 February 2019

That's just because the new installer isn't fully documented since it's so new. The installation page will be updated at some point soon to include this detail.

no1warr1or posted this 24 February 2019

I just updated AMP. This is one of annoying thing that took me 2 installs to resolve. You have to specify a location for EACH object in the custom section which isnt mentioned anywhere. Never seen that before, but ok. Would be awesome if the update didnt erase my instances and setup I had before.

Mike posted this 25 February 2019

You shouldn't be changing anything except the datastore directory normally. Your instances aren't erased you just need to either move them or pick the existing datastore location during the setup.