AMP Panel partially loading behind nginx reverse proxy.

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Cap980 posted this 20 September 2019

So I have my AMP panels running behind my reverse proxy but am having issues with management panel loading properly. The site is accessible through the proxy and login screen loads but not entirely.

Ubuntu Server 18 with nginx as the proxy.

I can access my Nextcloud just fine through the proxy so I do not believe it is an issue with nginx. I initially just had proxy_pass, no other options set.

I tried the config found under the github page that was posted here, obviously with all my relevant info, not his.

SSL cert is good, its a wildcard for my domain, used on my nextcloud as well, so no issue there.

This is what the page loads to: Image

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Cap980 posted this 20 September 2019


I decided to move on and try my other amp instance, that one worked just fine through the proxy.

Turns out my ADS instance got borked some where along the way. And the latest update caused issues with the manager.

I removed the ADS instance and did a clean install of the instance manager and re-made the ADS instance. Loading okay now, sorry for the wasted thread.

Mike posted this 23 September 2019

Your (sub)domain doesn't happen to start with "ads" does it?