AMP Rust Container crashing, Nightly Build issue

  • Last Post 10 May 2019
SwitchPlays posted this 10 May 2019

Hello, I am currently running Mainline ADS and Rust instance and when in the game I can play for 10 or so mins and it soft crashes. The server is up and running but can't chat/harvest etc.. Currently running default build from AMP with 32gig ram etc.. good server. Ram tops at 4.8gig and CPU 2% so I know I have enough.

I have tried default build from steam as a solo instance without amp and server runs perfectly.

I tried to install mods yesterday and it came up with compiler error which i searched here and found that there is some TLS Issue which nightly build fixes. When i run that build Rust won't start with the error RCON version 1.001 not compatible or something.. i would have to login to get the specific error.

Diag Details
Diagnostics Data
Field   Value
OS  Linux
Platform    Ubuntu 18.04.2 LTS
System Type x86_64
Virtualization  None
Module  RustModule
Loaded Plugins  EmailSender, FileManager, PushBulletPlugin, LocalFileBackupPlugin
Application Name    AMP
Application Version
Release Stream  Release
Build Date  30/04/2019 15:59
InstanceID  bf544437-ab6a-49bf-96c7-64c22cb57428
Last Executable ./rust/258550/RustDedicated
Last Arguments  -batchmode -nographics -logFile . +rcon.password "....." +server.port "28015" +rcon.port "5678" +server.ip "" +server.seed "6738" +server.hostname "Switchs Test Server" +server.level "Procedural Map" +server.description "Switch's Test Server: Beta" +server.headerimage "" +server.url "" +server.maxplayers "5" +antihack.enabled "False" +server.worldsize "4000" +server.saveinterval "4000" +server.pve "False" +rcon.web "False"

Mike posted this 10 May 2019

You'll need to get the logs then because the specific information you've given me isn't helpful I'm afraid.