ARMA III - Console can't connect / Server is visible in browser, not joinable

  • Last Post 10 March 2020
madfknmax posted this 02 March 2020


I am using v1.9.6.2; Ubuntu 18.04.4 LTS

after a fresh install of AMP I tried to install a new ARMA instance. After updating (worked fine) I pressed on start. The server spun up to about 750 MB of RAM and then stays there forever. The Abort button is the only option for me (forever). Apparently the server is online because I can see it in the server browser. If I want to connect to it I get a BattleEye error. If I disable BattleEye I get no error at all, but can't connect aswell.

AMP is only opening the RCON ports in UFW. Is this correct as the game needs a range of ports. I tried opening them manually. Still no success. Every other game/instance works perfectly fine. Unfortunately I can't create the startup scripts. I've stopped ADS01, turned the Monitoring.ProduceStartupScripts and Security.LogSensitiveProcArgs on, but it doesn't work. They are supposed to appear in ~/.ampdata/instances/Arma301/arma3/233780$, right?

Thanks for your help!

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Mike posted this 02 March 2020

The settings for startup scripts need to be applied to AMPConfig.conf for the ARMA3 instance itself, not to ADS01.

ARMA3 has a series of bugs that make its RCON very unreliable on Linux. It's RCON is also dependent on BattlEye running. No BattlEye, no RCON.

In ARMA3Module.kvp there's a setting called RCONConnectionDelay - Try setting that to 30000 or so. The idea is that you want to delay AMPs attempt to connect to the RCON until the server is fully started.

madfknmax posted this 08 March 2020

I resolved the issue: For some reason AMP uses the 5678 for both RCON and the game. I opened the port needed (manually) and changed the gameport to 2302 (Right click instance -> Edit Port Settings). Now ADS can connect via RCON. Anyways I still can't connect to the server, something seems to be really messed up with the port handling in AMP. Arma 3 needs 2302-2306/udp to be opened.

  • 2302 UDP (gameport + VON)
  • 2303 UDP (STEAM query port)
  • 2304 UDP (STEAM master port)
  • 2305 UDP (VON reserved port but not used atm.)
  • 2306 UDP (BattlEye traffic port)
  • 5678 (standard AMP RCON port)

Mike posted this 10 March 2020

What's the output of 'ampinstmgr ports' for your ARMA instance?

madfknmax posted this 10 March 2020

Before manual port change:

  • [Info] Port usage for Arma301 (Arma301)
  • [Info] Instance is currently running.
  • [Info] LISTENING 8081 TCP (Core.Webserver.Port)
  • [Info] CLOSED 5678 UDP (Arma3Module.Arma3.Port)
  • [Info] CLOSED 5678 UDP (Arma3Module.Arma3.RConPort)

After manual port change:

  • [Info] Port usage for Arma301 (Arma301)
  • [Info] Instance is currently running.
  • [Info] LISTENING 8081 TCP (Core.Webserver.Port)
  • [Info] LISTENING 2302 UDP (Arma3Module.Arma3.Port)
  • [Info] LISTENING 5678 UDP (Arma3Module.Arma3.RConPort)