Can AMP have a controller and target instance on the same OS?

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Sabinno posted this 04 May 2020

Low priority question. I only have a single physical machine and VMs create too much overhead on this machine for game servers to run at max performance.

With that -- can I somehow create both a controller and multiple target instances on the same OS to separate instances as much as possible?

I'd like to do this because permissions are not yet at the point where I can give someone full control over just a single instance. There are weird things like giving someone all the right permissions and, for whatever reason, they get access to the ADS console but not the individual game instance console, for example.

It would be more ideal, for now, to create target instances on the same OS and create admin users for each target instance. Is this possible?

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Mike posted this 04 May 2020

That's not possible I'm afraid - but that is what Hybrid mode is for.

It's absolutely possible to give someone control over a single instance, but you must edit their permissions from within the instance. When you're editing permissions you're editing them for whatever instance you're connected to at that moment.

Sabinno posted this 11 May 2020

Thank you so much for your insight. I'll be honest, it isn't entirely intuitive that granular permissions for an instance need to be edited from within the instance itself.