Can't connect to remote instance after 2.0.4

  • Last Post 08 August 2020
Scott posted this 06 August 2020


I can connect into the main AMP instance manager, but now after updating to 2.0.4 i can't go into manage any instances of Minecraft. When I try to manage it, it pops up saying it needs to clear my browser cache, and after that goes away, I'm just left looking at a solid blue screen with the cubecoders icon. I have tried Firefox, Chrome and Edge, all with caches cleared etc, as well as incognito mode.

Any ideas?

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blacksythe posted this 08 August 2020

In order to resolve this (on linux) I had to end the existing amp instances through webmin. (task manager for windows)

I was then able to restore the web panel.

If unsure on this restarting your computer should also fix this.

Scott posted this 08 August 2020

Thank you for responding. I tried both ending the instance and rebooting the box and still having the same issue. I'll keep playing.