Configuration doubts on a Space Engineers server

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Veltys posted this 02 January 2020

Hello everyone and happy new year!

A few days ago some friends and I started playing Space Engineers and now we want run a server. As I have this beautiful game server manager, I installed a new AMP panel on a Windows 10 PC.

I successfully configured Space Engineers on AMP panel, but I have some configuration doubts.

First, I want to establish a lower player limit than 12, but I don't know where is this data configured on AMP. I discovered an entry on DRIVE:\AMPDatastore\Instances\SpaceEngineers01\spaceengineers\298740\servers\SpaceEngineers-Dedicated.cfg xml file called <MaxPlayers>[INTEGER]</MaxPlayers> but AMP ignores it, so I think I should configure it on panel, but I can't see that option 😖

Second, how I can disable experimental mode? We play, by now, vanilla game and we don't need experimental features. Is it possible?

And third, is it possible to rename map folder name? I mean, by default, game is loading a map called 'World' but I would like to rename it in order to switch among two different maps easily.

Thank you so much for your help!

PS: It would be terrific if server could be also installed on a Linux Machine, like AMP, with Wine. But Windows server is also ok.

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Mike posted this 02 January 2020

The maximum number of players is in AMPs configuration, use the search box in the top right to find it.

AMP does not use Experimental mode for SE.

At the moment there's no setting to change the map folder name.

More random words in bold.

Veltys posted this 05 January 2020

Hello again!

First, I didn't noticed search box, probably I'm blind... or just dumb....

Second, no? Well maybe it's a game server issue and not comes from AMP.

Third, ok, no problem. I think it could be an interesting improve, so, please, add it if you think so too.

Fourth, it wasn't random, but, who cares? 😂

Thanks again and have a nice day! 😁

PacWhite posted this 05 January 2020

I'll also have my say here :-D that saves another unnecessary thread about it.

I think that the AMP module for Space Engineers is outdated regarding the config. An example is that the mods are still stored as in the config which is not up to date anymore.

Current variant is:


Adding manually does not work because AMP seems to overwrite the Config on every reboot? Why does the module not support experimental mode?

Mike posted this 05 January 2020

Can you re-examine that, because that's not valid XML that I'm seeing right there.