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Rebeqt posted this 20 May 2020


I have a AMP instance running on:

Linux Platform Debian GNU/Linux 10 (buster) System Type x8664 Virtualization QEMUKVM Module MinecraftModule Application Name AMP Application Version Release Stream Release Build Date 24/03/2020 17:41 Last Executable /usr/bin/java

I would like to start the MC server with the java argument --forceUpgrade But i have the problem that AMP can not start the MC server with this Argument. It always fails to start the Server because the ---forceUpgrade will be set in front of -Djline.terminal=jline.UnsupportedTerminal -jar paperclip.jar nogui -nojline --log-strip-color an i haven't found an option to change the start up script.

If I add Additional java options. --forceUpgrade i get an error

Unrecognized option: --forceUpgrade Error: Could not create the Java Virtual Machine. Error: A fatal exception has occurred. Program will exit. if I run

-jar paperclip.jar nogui -nojline --log-strip-color --forceUpgrade

Unrecognized option: --forceUpgrade Error: Could not create the Java Virtual Machine. Error: A fatal exception has occurred. Program will exit. 01:33:25 world-dir -b, --bukkit-settings File for bukkit settings (default: bukkit.yml) -c, --config Properties file to use (default: -d, --date-format console (for log entries) --demo Demo mode --eraseCache Whether to force cache erase during world upgrade --forceUpgrade Whether to force a world upgrade -h, --host, --server-ip --log-append Whether to append to the log file (default: true) --log-count Specified how many log files to cycle through (default: 1) --log-limit Limits the maximum size of the log file (0 = unlimited) (default: 0) --log-pattern Specfies the log filename pattern (default: server.log) --log-strip-color Strips color codes from log file --noconsole Disables the console --nogui Disables the graphical console --nojline Disables jline and emulates the vanilla console -o, --online-mode -p, --port, --server-port --paper, --paper-settings paper.yml) -s, --max-players, --size --server-name Name of the server (default: Unknown Server) -v, --version Show the CraftBukkit Version -w, --level-name, --world

Is there an option to change this?`

Kind regards


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Rebeqt posted this 23 May 2020

The reason why I have to start the server with the option --forceUpgrade is that I need to fix my Minecraft World.

If I add the command to the "Additional java options" command line it always puts the command at the beginning of the startup script migrated in amp itself. If I start the server without any arguments Amp automatically starts the server with the following option

Djline.terminal=jline.UnsupportedTerminal -jar paperclip.jar nogui -nojline --log-strip-color

My question is how do I now edit this argument to paperclip.jar nogui --forceUpgrade

Because if I put --forceUpgrade into the java arguments section it will automatically put it infront of this routine and the server will fail to start.

Have a nice weekend.


marvinej posted this 08 July 2020

Running into this same issue for upgrading from 1.15 to 1.16 i don't see a field for arguments that are passed after the jar file

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Rebeqt posted this 08 July 2020

I just read that spigot/paperclip automatically run this arguments if the server starts a new version for the first time. But that was just out of a Reddit blog.

But I hope Cube coders start to make it possible anyway

Shadowdane posted this 09 July 2020

I'm also seeing the same issue here. Server fails to start adding the --forceUpgrade

Really need an option to be able to pass arguments to the server.jar not just the java executable.

Mike posted this 09 July 2020

You use the 'Custom' Minecraft server type for this. You then need to supply the full set of Arguments to java.