OK, my MC server got mothballed a few years back after a string of nasty drive failures where I never bothered to restore it from my backups. Now, I've had some requests to restart it and find myself with:
1. No recollection of how to set up MCMA anymore.
2. A rat's nest of a file structure that I can't easily parse from my backups.
a. This includes umpteen instances of MCMA and MC itself. I do recall that at the time it was a mess, but a working mess. My innate laziness prevented me from cleaning house when it was all operational.
3. Possibly the "main" MC instance, as it is several GB and the others I can quickly find are all only a few MB.
4. The knowledge I have a lifetime MCMA license.
5. Apparently the version of MCMA was running on jre1.8.0_60.
6. A vague memory of the webpage used to administer things.
7. And just for fun, my McMyAdmin.conf file is dated 2/1/2016, so I presume that was the last time it was all in full operation.

So, where do I go from here? I need to get MCMA and my MC data into a new location and behaving themselves so I can completely wipe all the other MC riffraff lurking on these other drives.

Any help is much appreciated!!