File manager functions in McMyAdmin3

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lout posted this 21 October 2018


I've just tried McMyAdmin2 and found the filemanager functions a little lacking, and after looking around I note that McMyAdmin3 is available.

I'm just wondering what filemanager functions are available, I'm specifically looking for "move" and "rename" in the first instance for managing datapacks and being able to download an entire directory structure in the second would be a nice bonus :)

Many Thanks, Lout.

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Mike posted this 21 October 2018

You can indeed move files around more easily, you can download entire directory structures by creating an archive of them (which it can do for you) and downloading said archive.

lout posted this 21 October 2018

Thanks for the prompt reply Mike.

That's good news .. off to go and get it :)

cdmlb posted this 18 December 2018

What's the maximum file upload size for the File Manager?

Mike posted this 18 December 2018

There is no limit.