Forge server restart when I use /stop in console

  • Last Post 01 May 2019
Namentis posted this 29 April 2019


I've a problem with my server and I don't understand ... I Installed recently MCMA (yesterday) but when he reboot via the schedule the server stop uncorrectly and stuck at "stopping server / saving world / etc" but not restart. And today when I use the /stop comand on the console he restart automatically.

I think use a mod to restart automatically my server but I don't want my server reboot when I use /stop or click on "stop server" button.

It's possible ? I not found anything in the config files.

Pastebin link : server stuck with schedule restart

Sorry for my english and thank you for reading me.

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Mike posted this 29 April 2019

Use the stop button on the status page. Don't use the console to stop the server.

Namentis posted this 01 May 2019

Yes I know but it's on friend's personal winsrv and when he's not at home if I use Stop Button MCMA also stop and he must restart it from his server, I can't connect on it (We must install ssh access but I would like to avoid having to go through there).