Help with instance autostart Windows

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Ben3721 posted this 29 May 2019

Hi, I installed Amp on a windows 10 pc, Ive set it up to have two stand alone instances(I found i could edit the settings I needed to more than having it relay on ADS) to run two java Minecraft servers. On the ADS panel I set both those instances to start on boot, under those two instances I set them to autostart the servers on instance start, that part works. In the config files of each instance i have them to start on boot. They are not, under the windows services I only see one service for the ADS instance as automatic startup.

Did I jack it all up installing the two instances as stand alone? Will they not preform like services and shutdown and startup automatically like the ADS controller does?

Thank you for your help. Sorry for the confusion, I struggled quite a bit installing amp, it was nothing like Mcmyadmin 2 so the learning curve hit me a bit hard. Thank you for the help.

Mike posted this 30 May 2019

There's a setting inside ADS to tell it to start any boot time instances.