How do I reboot/restart AMP?

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x1118 posted this 4 weeks ago

Windows 10 Version 20h2 OS build 19042.685 x64

AMP version think)

Sorry if this sounds stupid, but I have created a minecraft server for my friends and I to play on and I didnt know that I had to install git to get spigot. So I installed git and the page told me to restart AMP so I restarted my computer. Once restarted I tried to install spigot again and it gave the same message "Download / Update failed : Git is not installed or is not available in PATH." So I thought there was another way to restart AMP but the way I was thinking got me scared to restart it because it felt like I might break AMP and lose my server progress. The way I was thinking was going to task manager and ending both AMP Core Runtime and AMP Service Handler then running them again. Please help.

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Mike posted this 4 weeks ago

Reboot in the case of Windows.

x1118 posted this 4 weeks ago

I have rebooted windows and now the minecraft server is not allowing me to manage it. It gives the this message in the console "ADS logged stopped instance Friends - exit code -1."

Mike posted this 3 weeks ago

Check that instances logs.