How to Cleanly Remove AMP for re-installation on linux?

  • Last Post 11 October 2019
S017 posted this 09 October 2019

Been trying to reinstall AMP due to some IP issues moving between boxes, every time I've done a reinstall by removing AMP using the apt remove ampinstmgr command and deleting the user/directory the new installation has tons of issues(like missing minecraft configuration options, GUI artifacts, etc) even though it should be clean from what I understand.

What am I missing? There's obviously some kind of leftover somewhere but I don't know where to look, and there's no documentation about how to handle uninstallation of AMP anywhere, really. The script for installation is great but there's nothing to handle cleanly removing it to be able to install it again.

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Mike posted this 09 October 2019

AMP cannot be fixed by reinstalling it. But removing the package and the AMP user as you have done is how you uninstall it. If you run into an issue then reinstalling will just destroy any information that would help diagnose the issue.

By the sounds of it you're running into caching issues. In which case make sure you nuke your browser cache and the cache of any proxies you're using.

turinggirl posted this 11 October 2019

So is there a path for complete uninstall on Linux? In my use case I'm temporarily installing it on a server and I wish to remove it once I'm finished. Is this use case valid for instructions on how to remove the software?