I've purchased a McMyAdmin Pro license but it doesn't seem to apply

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dpd26 posted this 4 weeks ago

OS Name/Version: Ubuntu Server 18.04 LTS

Product Name/Version: McMyAdmin

Problem Description: I try to apply the license, it says successful, log out and back in again but it still shows as being the personal version in "About"

Steps to reproduce: Add the license key Recieve successful message Log out, and back in again

Actions taken to resolve so far: Applied key and rebooted McMyAdmin, and whole OS.

I also don't seem to be able to use any pro features so it appears as though the license doesn't apply

Mike posted this 3 weeks ago

Try reactivating on the command line.

You can reactivate a McMyAdmin 2 install by opening a command prompt in it’s install directory and running ./MCMA2_Linux_x86_64 +mcmyadmin.licencekey YOURKEYHERE -configonly - same applies for Windows, just replace ./MCMA2_Linux_x86_64 with McMyAdmin.exe.