McMyAdmin Core Exception and FakeServer warnings?

  • Last Post 02 May 2019
Rulenine posted this 02 May 2019

Hi everyone,

So I set up a second minecraft server recently. I changed ports to 8081 and 25566 and am running an old .jar file (1.7.10). I have a vanilla server running just fine with no issues over the last 3 months and am now setting up an older server to mod.

My server is run off of the Centos 7 distribution of Linux.

I am able to log on to the server, so both the server and McMyAdmin are working. The control panel works fine, just as the first server, and I can play on the server (have not yet configured any mods yet).

However, when server is off or sleeping, I am getting a warning popping up in my terminal repeatedly while McMyAdmin runs that says:

McMyAdmin Core Exception: An exception was thrown by the type initializer for System.Drawing.GDIPlus

EDIT: Just checked logs and I am getting the above warning on both servers. The below warning only occurs on the new server though.

I am also getting a warning when I start the server that says:

Value is not a convertible object: System.String to McMyAdmin.FakeServer.InfoDescription

Any advice on what to do with these? I do not get them on my other server. I want to make sure i don't have any issues running this. I can still use the server but the last thing I want is a bunch of fatal errors or something when I have others using it. Any advice would be appreciated!


Mike posted this 02 May 2019

You can safely ignore those errors. Ideally you should upgrade to McMyAdmin 3/AMP if you can.