McMyAdmin: New Players Not Added to Default Group and McMyAdmin Console Commands

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GrandAdmThrawn posted this 12 July 2018

Just recently started using McMyAdmin, and it's extremely useful.

Two questions:

1.) Can I use McMyAdmin commands, currently accessible via the web GUI, at the console? I found a list of them online at an old hosting provider, but they appear unresponsive.

2.) Default group permissions are not behaving as expected. When a new player joins the server for the first time, they are not added to the default group by default. Moreover, they can only be added by manually a dding their correct username in the McMyAdmin > Users and Groups web GUI.

My default group is "everyone." Only the "everyone" group inherits permissions from "None." MyMyAdmin is set to pass permissions to the PermissionsEx plugin (Configuration > Features > Permissions Exporting Mode). Whitelisting is enabled in In Configuration > Features > Whitelist Mode is set to Match Any Group.

I DO want players to be manually whitelisted before first joining the server. However, I'd prefer them to be automatically added to the default group upon joining. Is this possible? If not, what configurations are possible to permit ask-to-play scenarios that don't require manually whitelisting new players twice, effectively?


OS: Debian 9 Product: McMyAdmin Professional Edition

Server Type: CraftBukkit

Plugins: CleanChat 1.1
CleanroomGenerator 1.0.0
GriefPrevention 16.8
BukkitCompat R22A
MultiverseCore 2.5.0-b727
MultiversePortals 2.5.0-b751
PermissionsEx 1.23.4
Spawntp 2.0.0
WorldChat 1.0
PerWorldInventory 2.0.1

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Mike posted this 12 July 2018

Use of users and groups isn't really recommended anymore, if this is a new install you should upgrade to McMyAdmin 3 which your existing licence does allow.

To use a command put a / in front, same as in-game.

When you have a default group users are simply assumed to be members implicitly without them having to actually be added.

GrandAdmThrawn posted this 19 July 2018

Ok, thanks! I wasn't aware there was a McMyAdmin3. Done.