Minecraft server not waking from external connection

  • Last Post 15 October 2021
Badwolf15002 posted this 03 October 2021

Windows 10 OS: 20H2 Product Name/Version: AMP v2.2.1

Hey so i have my minecraft server and it sleeps after 30 Min. It is hosted on my Min computer. I can connect to the server while its asleep and it wakes up. But when a friend connects to from my external ip it it refuses connection and it doesnt wake up. Is there a way to fix this?

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Mike posted this 03 October 2021

Your firewall rules are probably wrong. Make sure that the port is open, that it's a java edition server (sleep doesn't work with Bedrock) - check that AMP is listening on that port when in sleep mode using ampinstmgr ports on the command line.

Badwolf15002 posted this 05 October 2021

Allow the port number of the instance? Because i have allowed the port number of the MC Server through so he can connect (25565) .

Mike posted this 06 October 2021

Did you check the command I gave you when it's sleeping?

Badwolf15002 posted this 06 October 2021

It is listening to 8080, 2223, 12820.

But even when its running its still listening to those ports yet my friend can connect to the server fine externally when its awake but not sleeping.

Mike posted this 06 October 2021

What's using port 12820? I think you've got the wrong type of server set up... Unless you manually change it, AMP only uses ports higher than the one specified as the default.

Badwolf15002 posted this 07 October 2021

For whatever reason when i installed AMP it wouldnt launch any instances unless i used ampinstmgr quickstart in CMD. It then launches but not "as service". Nor does it start when i boot up.

Mike posted this 13 October 2021

I'm not sure what we're talking about here - we seem to have gone from one issue to another?

Badwolf15002 posted this 13 October 2021

Would fixing the AMP Instance to "as service" (Since that check box isnt checked nor does it boot on startup) fix the server from not waking when joining externally? Or do you just wanna show me how to get the server to wake automatically when my friends join?

Or i can continue to tinker with the instance and try to get it fixed. Up to you if you think you can help me.

Mike posted this 14 October 2021

Whether or not it's a service won't make any odds.

Have you tried connecting yourself from a different machine on a different connection rather than relying on your friend to test this? If your friend is using a modded client for example then sleep may not work correctly.

Otherwise you can just disable sleep mode.

Badwolf15002 posted this 15 October 2021

Its a normal client with the basic server plugins. And yea iv tried different ways to connect to it. I connected using the internal network. It wakes fine. Then when i use the external network and Port number it doesnt want to wake.