No CPU and mem graph after update and java update

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OrionPax posted this 2 weeks ago

Hi, I am running the latest AMP version and paper 1.16.4 on a windows 10 pro pc with i5 processor and 24 megs of ram.

I just updated to java 1.15 of oracle (64bit) and now the graphs in the web environment are not showing CPU and memory load anymore.

also when i type "mem" in the minecraft console it states that 4GB of memory is alloctated even though the configurations shows 8G allocated on the java settings of the minecraft instance.

Any idea's on what i shoudl adjust?

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Mike posted this 2 weeks ago

Run the AMP installer in repair mode and reboot.

OrionPax posted this 2 weeks ago

I already tried that and it did not solve the problem. I was mestaken about the memory allocation, the "mem" command now shows the correct allocated memory. But the graphs still are not working.

OrionPax posted this 2 weeks ago

BTW: I have two minecraft server instances installed on the same PC and both are not showing the correct CPU and Memory load.