Notifications not working over ADS via DNS + Port Forwarding

  • Last Post 21 May 2019
MasterShake posted this 21 May 2019

OS Name/Version: Windows Server 2012 R2 Datacenter

Product Name/Version: v1.8.0.0, built 14/05/2019 14:19

Problem Description: Notifications not working, disappearing when connected to ADS interface over DDNS+Port Forwarding, they work locally when connected via IP from the server

Steps to reproduce:

Step 1: Set up DDNS Step 2: Port Forward 8080 Step 3: Log in

Actions taken to resolve so far: Tried the old CTRL+F5 trick, no dice

Tried Chrome, FireFox, Edge, IE, all the same when connecting via DNS

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Mike posted this 21 May 2019

Are you using any kind of reverse/caching proxy?

MasterShake posted this 21 May 2019

No just using noIP DDNS on the router, nothing fancy configured

It's worth noting, the notifications DO appear for a short period (about 3 seconds) before they disappear and do not come back

Logged in locally on the server, as it's hosted on the IP not localhost, and they stay permanent

I tried VIA External IP on the router as well, it does work that way

Mike posted this 21 May 2019

If you check the browsers F12 log, does it say that it was able to start the websocket connection?