Problems with AMP behind Nginx proxy

  • Last Post 01 July 2019
redbull666 posted this 29 June 2019

Just purchased/installed today for the first time. Running 1-node ADS + MC instance to test.

I am having some very odd problems with running AMP behind Nginx. I am running about 20 containers without problems behind Nginx, so that part is not new as such.

Logging in the first time through the proxy works, but then if I hit F5, it's over, connection to the site just times out. Directly connecting to the IP on port 8080 works fine however. Also, using lynx to connect to the internal IP of the ADS container on port 8080 also works!

Have not seen an issue like this before with any other application. There's nothing in the AMP log. Nginx log shows "upstream timed out" now and then (even though as mentioned, lynx works fine).

Also tested in FF, Chrome as well as Edge, no difference. It's thus also not cookie related, one successful login through FF and opening the URL in Edge will fail to connect.

If I reboot the container running ADS/MC, I can get 1 login in again.

Is it possibly an issue with running AMP in an LXC container? Does it somehow require a KVM VM?

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Mike posted this 01 July 2019

Are you perchance using Ubuntu as the server running nginx?

redbull666 posted this 01 July 2019

Debian 9.9

Mike posted this 01 July 2019

Can you show me your nginx config? Some other people have had similar issues with nginx (but not with other reverse proxies, so not sure what's going on there)

AMP itself doesn't care if it's running in a container.