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Oximov posted this 25 December 2020

Hello, Today I bought an AMP Professional - Early Access license on your cubecoders.com site. Payment was made via Paypal at 20:44:34 GMT + 01: 00 This product does not correspond to what was shown to me and what I was able to test. This product is therefore useless in my situation, and absolutely does not correspond to my needs and my expectations.

Sorry I didn't open a support request prior to the paypal dispute, but I didn't see that there was a forum.

I therefore ask you for the reimbursement of this product. Regards.

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Mike posted this 26 December 2020

I don't know of any community shared themes at this time.

Oximov posted this 26 December 2020

Got it, do you know where I could find a theme for the Panel?

Mike posted this 26 December 2020

AMP doesn't support Alt:V and nowhere on the site or documentation do we claim to support it. The website also has a list of all supported applications.

You might be able to get it running via the Generic module (https://github.com/CubeCoders/AMP/wiki/Configuring-the-'Generic'-AMP-module) which can run any application, but "AMP doesn't support an application that it doesn't claim to support or mention anywhere" is not a valid reason for a refund since the information on the site about what it can and cannot do is accurate.

Oximov posted this 26 December 2020

I followed the installation tutorial for windows present on the youtube channel of its creator. I would like to use it for Alt:V servers but it does not work.

Mike posted this 25 December 2020

Can you tell me more about the issue you're having and what you're trying to do? AMPs product page is an accurate representation of its capabilities. Also did you watch any of the installation guides/tutorials?