Server uses more memory than i assign

  • Last Post 10 June 2020
SwitchPlays posted this 09 June 2020

Hello, OS Name/Version: Cloudlinux (centos variant)

Product Name/Version: AMP Minecraft

Problem Description: Instances want to use more memory than allotted. For example Bungeecord I assign 1gig it wants 4gig I set java limit to 10gig it wants 13gig

Steps to reproduce: Create a bungee cord instance and try to run it. Actions were taken to resolve so far: Deleted all files for the instance and used the configuration to set up bungee cord increased instance memory for java to 20gig and I get the following images:

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Mike posted this 09 June 2020

If Bungee is consuming that much memory then it has a memory leak, you should ask the Bungee team what's up.

SwitchPlays posted this 10 June 2020

It was all Minecraft instances. Seems cloudlinux and amp don't work together. every time I started each individual instance it would always go 2-4gig higher than the allotted memory. 1gig = 3gig 5=7 etc... this all went to the swap partition and physical memory was only sitting on 49mb. Removing cloudlinux and installing centos seemed to clear that up.