SIGUSR1 Not Resulting in clean shutdown of Minecraft Module

  • Last Post 04 January 2018
drakmir posted this 03 January 2018

OS Name/Version:

Ubuntu 16.04 BaseOS, Docker 17.11.0-ce (Running Ubuntu Xenial Base Image)

Product Name/Version:


Problem Description:

Shutting down AMP using either the ampinstmgr -q or a direct "kill -s SIGUSR1 pid" doesn't result in a soft shutdown where minecraft is told to save its state. This can possibly result in data loss.

Steps to reproduce:

Start a Minecraft instance in AMP From a command line enter: "ampinstmgr -q " The server will shutdown.

Note that the minecraft server has no responses in log indicating that the server state was saved.

Compare that to issuing a "stop" command in the Minecraft console directly.

Mike posted this 04 January 2018

We're looking into this.