Space Engineers Amp instance GUI option needed: "EnableOxygenPressurization"

  • Last Post 08 May 2018
Archon_SD posted this 07 May 2018

Feature request. The default setting for Space Engineers is to disable pressurization calculation. Amp does not seem to have any option to re-enable it.

In the Sandbox.sbc file the default is <enableoxygenpressurization>false</enableoxygenpressurization>. It would be particularly nice to have a GUI toggle for that Boolean, rather than having to download, edit, and re-upload the file with the toggle.

ShadowRaven posted this 08 May 2018

Actually the whole SE settings page needs some rework. I've mentioned this about a year ago when block limits where implemented. The settings for those still aren't in the gui and if you set them manually in the .sbc AMP will overwrite it. Would be much appriciated if you could take some time and get the whole SE settings up to date.

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