Trying to diagnose new MC Bedrock error after update

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Scott posted this 2 weeks ago

MC updated Bedrock, and of course, they want to make it difficult. I ran the update, and when i go to launch the server, AMP comes up with that the server has shutdown right away and to check MC logs. However, I searched where to find MC logs, and have been lead to believe there aren't any.

That being said, I created a new instance, which does seem to work, however, when I go to start the application, the notifications never stops showing, and the control stays to abort (no stop etc). When I check the console, it appears to be good. I can also log into the newly created instance of MC, even though the gui shows it hasn't started yet.

I'm guessing MC made some changes that affect with how AMP communicates with it, but I really have no idea. If i can provide any other information, please let me know, and hopefully you have some thoughts.

Thanks, Scott

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Mike posted this 2 weeks ago

They changed the logging format which confused AMP a bit, the next nightly build has a workaround for this.

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Scott posted this 2 weeks ago

Hi Mike,

Thanks for the reply. Today, I set AMP to use nightly for new instances, and then went with a straight/clean minecraft bedrock install. It fails within 5 seconds (again, says that it's a minecraft issue). However, I still can't tell where Minecraft logs exist in the directory structure. I did notice that ipv4 and ipv6 are both set to port 0, but as I mentioned, this is a straight clean install. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

INFO 11:11:49 Starting Server Version Session ID 98d577dc-22e3-41e6-af8c-a8533e69baeb Level Name: world Game mode: 0 Survival Difficulty: 2 NORMAL opening worlds/world/db 11:11:53 IPv4 supported, port: 0 IPv6 supported, port: 0 Package: com.mojang.minecraft.dedicatedserver Console 11:11:53 [19:11:53] Version: [19:11:53] OS: Linux [19:11:53] Server start: 2020-11-19 19:11:49 UTC [19:11:53] Dmp timestamp: 2020-11-19 19:11:53 UTC [19:11:53] Upload Date: 2020-11-19 19:11:53 UTC [19:11:53] Session ID: 98d577dc-22e3-41e6-af8c-a8533e69baeb [19:11:53] Commit hash: [19:11:53] Build id: development [19:11:53] CrashReporter Key: 8c4937c1-64cb-3532-a8dc-1deb28f67293 [19:11:53] Crash [19:11:53] [INFO] [19:11:53] 464b717f-bcde-4d95-9e50-efcfbed9d4d4