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hedburgaren posted this 29 August 2017

Hey guys!

I'm a total newbie when it comes to MC. All I really want to do is host a MC server for a friend.

  • Running Ubuntu 16.04.3
  • Installed McMyAdmin
  • In McMyAdmin I have setup a server:


Survival: yes

Difficulty: normal

Hardcore: no

Monsters|Animals|NPC|Combat|Nether|Flight|: yes

Command blocks: no

Idle: 1440

Resource pack:


World Seed:

World gen settings:


Type: Official

Release stream: recommended

Max players: 10

Structures: yes

Type: standard

Achievements: yes

View distance: 10

Snooping: yes

backups(all): yes

World management-tab:

there's only world - cannot change anytihng


Sever name:

Whitelist mode: no whitelisting

Whitelist group: everyone

Sleeping: no

Status and widget: yes

Public on server list: no


BukkitCompat R22A

In Users and Groups:

To Everyone I added "world" as world and "*" to Users.

When starting server

[11:14:13] [Server thread/INFO]: Starting minecraft server version 1.12.1

[11:14:13] [Server thread/INFO]: Loading properties

[11:14:13] [Server thread/INFO]: Default game type: SURVIVAL

[11:14:13] [Server thread/INFO]: Generating keypair

[11:14:13] [Server thread/INFO]: Starting Minecraft server on *:25565

[11:14:13] [Server thread/INFO]: Using epoll channel type

[11:14:13] [Server thread/INFO]: Preparing level "world"

[11:14:14] [Server thread/INFO]: Loaded 488 advancements

[11:14:14] [Server thread/INFO]: Preparing start region for level 0

[11:14:15] [Server thread/INFO]: Preparing spawn area: 12%

[11:14:16] [Server thread/INFO]: Preparing spawn area: 72%

[11:14:16] [Server thread/INFO]: Done (2,888s)! For help, type "help" or "?"

My Linux-server is a DMZ in router, so EVERYTHING should pass through. For the sake of it, I have added an exception to IPTABLES for port 25565.

Using MCPE to connect to the server, I get the answer "Unable to connect to world". Same goes for my friend.

I am trying both public IP and local IP. Why am I unable to connect?

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Mike posted this 29 August 2017

You need to setup firewall rules to allow those ports through. By default everything is blocked in Ubuntu.

hedburgaren posted this 29 August 2017

Does the server you run through MCMA that you connect with Pocket Edition?

Mike posted this 29 August 2017

No the Java and pocket edition games don't talk to eachother. However AMP/MCMA3 do support pocket edition by using a different type of server.

hedburgaren posted this 05 September 2017

The problem was there; I thought pocket edition would be able to connect...

Found another server type and installed it. Took me somewhere between 30-45 seconds to setup. :)