Unable to create backups for Minecraft

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bcwolfen posted this 3 weeks ago

First time using AMP. I installed on Debian Buster. Fresh install of Debian, and AMP. Managed to get our Minecraft server running perfectly. The only thing I am unable to get working is the AMP backups. I can backup AMP itself, but not the Minecraft server.

Scheduled backups do not run. Manual backup states: "Unable to start backup" This occurs if the MC server is running or is stopped.

Any ideas what I am missing?

Thank you

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bcwolfen posted this 1 weeks ago

Anyone have any thoughts on this? Still haven't been able to create backs for our MC server using AMP.

bcwolfen posted this 1 weeks ago

So did some more digging with debugging enabled and it looks like a permission issue. "**" is the superadmin user and should have permission for all the plugins, unless its a file/folder permission in Linux. Any ideas what I should check?

[11:50:50] [RemoteAMPAuth:Anonymous Activity] : Authentication attempt for user **** from
[11:50:50] [RemoteAMPAuth:Anonymous Debug] : Logging in via remote auth server http://localhost:8080/...
[11:50:51] [RemoteAMPAuth:Anonymous Activity] : Authentication success
[11:50:55] [FileBackup:Amper Activity] : Creating Backup: 
[11:50:55] [FileBackup:Amper Debug] : Building file list...
[11:50:55] [APIService:Amper Warning] : Returned exception from API call LocalFileBackupPlugin/TakeBackup
[11:50:55] [Core:Amper Error]     : IOException
[11:50:55] [Core:Amper Error]     : [0] (IOException) : Permission denied
[11:51:00] [Core Debug]           : Exception posting server metrics.
[11:51:00] [Core Error]           : SocketException
[11:51:00] [Core Error]           : [0] (SocketException) : Connection refused
[11:51:00] [Core Error]           :   at Net.Sockets.Socket.Send (Byte[] buffer, Int32 offset, Int32 size, Net.Sockets.SocketFlags socketFlags) 
  at Net.Sockets.UdpClient.Send (Byte[] dgram, Int32 bytes) 
  at ModuleShared.MetricsInfoPublisher.ScheduleHandler (Object sender, EventArgs e)


Mike posted this 1 weeks ago

Run ampinstmgr fixperms as root.

bcwolfen posted this 1 weeks ago

Run ampinstmgr fixperms as root.

Thanks Mike, That seems to have fixed it!