Hey, first post in this forum, go me! Anyways, I'll try to keep this simple and easy to follow:


Install McMyadmin. Cool that was easy. Wait Beta 3?? Amp, wtf is that? ok, Lets do eeeet! Dude, easy wtf?

Hmm Noob gets idea. Let's test! Migrates running dev server to Mcmyadmin instance. Messes up some some configs cause hey, gotta figure this salad out!

Sweet, seems straight forward, everything going good, select versions, pick my awesome boot strap loader then click start. failhappens.webm

It suxor skills time. Hmm. Lets check version, all good, maybe weird - try sponge instead of forge. nope, hmm check console. doing something funny with how the server jars are loaded. Ask question, noooo its sponge. Sorry, nope. Else It wouldn't work normally either... look for more stuffs.

Ah, lets see if it overwrote the server.properties file. WTF is going on here? Its all borked. Manually edit properties file back to what it should be, check amp, wtf is going on. No changes reflected. Could it be that it stores server.properties somewhere else besides in the instance root for that instance? Nah, couldn't be. I must be doing something wrong... Nope, it seems to ignore server.properties file. Fear confirmed.

Well, guess its time to put away for now.

Bug? Suggestion? Not sure of intended operation cause, well, no docs...

Cheekyness aside. The server.properties file should never be ignored, all fields should be updatable manually or in amp controller, If amp is basically a wrapper and monitor it should never interfere with the way the server jars load(my opinion. maybe there is a reason it should?)

Possibly it is something I am doing wrong or missing, and yes, I did read the old posts.. Just so you know the sponge issue is solved (Since I did not see it in the old post) by triggering everything in the following way:

sponge-booterloader.jar > forge-this version-universal.jar(selected automagically by spongebootloader) > spongeforge.jar(IN MODS FOLDER) tadda (Just cause I am weird I rename spongeforge to aasponge or 1spongeforge just to make sure it loads first.

Maybe you see something I am missing, maybe I skipped a post I shouldn't have. Anywho, new forum, pickle post first. Have fun. Hurry up and release the update already. lol