Hello I've been trying to install Arma 3 on my VPS for a couple of days and I got a server setup but I want to run it through AMP so that my other server Admins can access it with through a GUI and be isolated from the rest of the VPS. However when creating a Arma 3 instance and pressing update it downloads SteamCMD but nothing else. When pressing update again it then says it's updating Arma 3 but after that it prompts me to enter my user name and password and after I've done that it says it's updating but then the "updating arma 3" alert just disappear and stops. Is there anyway I can download Arma 3 or do I need to do it manually and if so how do I make AMP recognize the Arma installation and interact with it?

OS: Ubuntu 18.04.3 LTS Version of AMP: v1.8.3.4