Where to find getting started with McMyadmin questions and documents?

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Roodavis posted this 13 April 2018

OS Name/Version: Mac OS X 10.11.6

Product Name/Version: McMyAdmin Personal v2.7.0.2

Problem Description: No problems yet. Just lots of questions on getting started.

I live in Cincinnati, OH and my 16-year-old son lives in Florida. He has had several friends talk about building a Minecraft server for several months, but they seem to have problems with port forwarding and other installations and configurations.

So, I setup McMyAdmin on a Mac Mini so he can learn how to manage and configure his own Minecraft (Or Bukkit or whatever server he wants to run).

I got McMyAdmin installed and configured, used it to install Minecraft and he is able to connect to the web portal of McMyAdmin and also able to connect to the Minecraft server. I plan to buy the pro version of McMyAdmin as soon as he tells me this is working for him in Florida.

1st question: Where is the best place to learn about McMyAdmin? 2nd question: How or where do I set the Backup location? When I click on Create Backup in McMyAdmin it indicates that a backup was successfully created, but nothing shows up in the Backup directory. 3rd question: If I wanted to set up a second instance of Minecraft server on this server to allow my 14 yr old daughter to learn as well, would I need to purchase an additional license of McMyAdmin? Or could they both access McMyAdmin at the same time?

Last question for now. Is this the best place to find answers? Or is there a Slack Channel I should join? Both of my kids use Discord... I don't know much about it and always thought Discord was mainly for gamers.

Mike posted this 14 April 2018

There's a Discord server with a few hundred people in it for quick queries, click the blue "Live Chat" in the top right.

I'd highly recommend running MCMA in a Linux VM or in Docker if you're on a Mac though (or run Linux on it directly if you're up for that). Mac OS support is being retired and McMyAdmin 3/AMP is not going to receive a Mac OS version.

The backup location is configurable in the McMyAdmin.conf file. Sometimes if a backup completes too quickly the refresh request doesn't go through and it doesn't show immediately in the UI, but it'll be there after a refresh. If it doesn't take at all and there's no file you may need to check the log to see if something is stopping it performing the backup.

Multiple users can access McMyAdmin at the same time. The only restriction in the free version is the 10 player limit in the game itself.