2 mcmyadmin questions. Https and hiding a port with a srv record.

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Ben3721 posted this 3 weeks ago

First off please forgive me for being naive as I'm new to home hosting in general.

I understand the risk of not having a secure connection so I am trying to figure out the settings to switch my mcmyadmin panel to https but I'm missing something.

I see 3 relevant lines in the config Webserver.useHTTPS=False Webserver.CertificatePath= Webserver.CertificatePassword=

Setting it to true just breaks it. Obviously the other two lines need something to make it read a key I think?, or is there are other settings in other files I missed?

And another question, I'm asking this here only because I know other users have domains/subdomains linked probably. I have a domain that is linked to a game server via a A record and srv record for the port, which works fine, I would like to also setup a subdomain of that domain with srv record for my mcmyadmin panel so my admins dont have to remember the ip and port just to get to the login. I already have a cname record sub aiming at the IP which works, I just cant figure out how to setup a srv record for http/https website to hide the port. I understand that once i make the panel https it will need the srv record modified to connect properly.

Sorry for the complex question, and thank you for anyone that helps me out.

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Mike posted this 3 weeks ago

http/https doesn't support SRV records, you'd have to actually either move MCMA to port 80, or use firewall/routing rules to redirect 80->8080 internally.

To use HTTPS, you need to obtain a SSL certificate in PFX format for use with MCMA, so you'll need to obtain a SSL certificate for your domain, and give that certificate to MCMA.

Ben3721 posted this 3 weeks ago

Thank you for the fast reply. That first part makes perfect sense.

The second part is beyond my understanding. Do you know of any guides/forum threads that may help me learn to set that up? Thank you.

Ben3721 posted this 3 weeks ago

After some reading and looking at cloudflare I think I'll be able to setup the ssl. Thanks