2 mcmyadmin questions. Https and hiding a port with a srv record.

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Ben3721 posted this 02 January 2019

First off please forgive me for being naive as I'm new to home hosting in general.

I understand the risk of not having a secure connection so I am trying to figure out the settings to switch my mcmyadmin panel to https but I'm missing something.

I see 3 relevant lines in the config Webserver.useHTTPS=False Webserver.CertificatePath= Webserver.CertificatePassword=

Setting it to true just breaks it. Obviously the other two lines need something to make it read a key I think?, or is there are other settings in other files I missed?

And another question, I'm asking this here only because I know other users have domains/subdomains linked probably. I have a domain that is linked to a game server via a A record and srv record for the port, which works fine, I would like to also setup a subdomain of that domain with srv record for my mcmyadmin panel so my admins dont have to remember the ip and port just to get to the login. I already have a cname record sub aiming at the IP which works, I just cant figure out how to setup a srv record for http/https website to hide the port. I understand that once i make the panel https it will need the srv record modified to connect properly.

Sorry for the complex question, and thank you for anyone that helps me out.

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Mike posted this 02 January 2019

http/https doesn't support SRV records, you'd have to actually either move MCMA to port 80, or use firewall/routing rules to redirect 80->8080 internally.

To use HTTPS, you need to obtain a SSL certificate in PFX format for use with MCMA, so you'll need to obtain a SSL certificate for your domain, and give that certificate to MCMA.

Ben3721 posted this 02 January 2019

Thank you for the fast reply. That first part makes perfect sense.

The second part is beyond my understanding. Do you know of any guides/forum threads that may help me learn to set that up? Thank you.

Ben3721 posted this 02 January 2019

After some reading and looking at cloudflare I think I'll be able to setup the ssl. Thanks