HTTPS Error: "500 - Unrecognized HTTP method: ET"

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MrDragonsEye posted this 29 August 2019

OS Name/Version: Windows Server 2019 Datacenter (Version 1809 - OS Build 17763.720)

Product Name/Version: McMyAdmin Professional Edition

Problem Description: After enabling HTTPS: "500 - Unrecognized HTTP method: ET"

Steps to reproduce:

Step 1: Installed and configured McMyAdmin normally and used HTTP on port 442 initially. Port 443 is taken on this server already, but I hope HTTPS on a custom port is supported? (I've read

Step 2: Paid for and obtained Sectigo cert without using CSR, letting it generate a key since I couldn't find anywhere to generate one in McMyAdmin.

Step 3: Converted cert + key + certchainfile + rootcertfile to PFX using "openssl pkcs12" command.

Step 4: /stop Minecraft server and /quit McMyAdmin.exe from the console window.

Step 5: Updated the following in McMyAdmin.conf: Webserver.useHTTPS=True Webserver.CertificatePath=./thecertificate.pfx Webserver.CertificatePassword=thepassword

Step 6: Start McMyAdmin.exe again and try to visit

Step 7: Can see in browser that the new cert is being loaded successfully without any HTTPS errors (, but the page fails to load with the following displayed: ( 500 - Unrecognized HTTP method: ET HttpServer.BadRequestException: Unrecognized HTTP method: ET ---> System.ArgumentException: Invalid HTTP Method at HttpServer.Messages.Parser.RequestLineEventArgs.set_Method(String value) at HttpServer.Messages.Parser.HttpParser.OnFirstLine(String[] words) --- End of inner exception stack trace --- at HttpServer.Messages.Parser.HttpParser.OnFirstLine(String[] words) at HttpServer.Messages.Parser.HttpParser.ParseFirstLine() at HttpServer.Messages.Parser.HttpParser.Parse(Byte[] buffer, Int32 offset, Int32 count) at HttpServer.HttpContext.ParseBuffer(Int32 bytesLeft) at HttpServer.HttpContext.OnReceive(IAsyncResult ar)

My issue appears to be identical to this other post from July: And just like "PorkyPot", I found a link to on Google, but this is now just redirecting to, even though information on that old page may have been helpful, since according to Google, it contained a reference to this exact error from 3rd December 2015. (

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Mike posted this 29 August 2019

You should upgrade to McMyAdmin 3/AMP (which your existing MCMA2 Key will allow) which uses a different application server that doesn't have this issue when using HTTPS.

MrDragonsEye posted this 29 August 2019

Thank you for the quick reply! I will remove MCMA2 and setup AMP with MCMA3 instead.

I know my existing MCMA2 licence will work with AMP (but limited to just MCMA3 I think?), but I've also just bought AMP Professional anyway, to both help fund development, along with to just try it out with all the features. Thanks!