A problem with modifying config.ini

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Qblolz posted this 2 weeks ago

Hello, I have some issue with modifying config.ini for factorio server. Every time after run server - config file will reset to default. How I can avoid this and add custom configuration arguments.

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Mike posted this 2 weeks ago

What game is this for? AMPs configuration handing is write only so generally you must edit settings via AMP itself.

Qblolz posted this 2 weeks ago

Need add this configuration variant for compress save files. Factorio - its game - have some problem with too big save file - every1 who want connect to server need download map - map can be 200mb+ - compress will be decrease size

; Options: fast, maximum

; Options: none, fast, maximum

Factorio have too many issues about map size - check in google with search query "autosave-compression-level=fast factorio"