Access to the path is denied, when using file manager on Ubuntu

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Pignuuu posted this 3 weeks ago

----I managed to fix this, it was broken due to me mismanaging the permissions of the drive. I was able to fix that by using "chmod -r 0777"

Hi, I'm having problems with the file manager on AMP. It keeps giving me "Acces to the path "[path]" is denied." whenever I try to trash a file.

The server is run on Ubuntu 20.04.2 fresh install. The amp files are on a separate hard drive which might potentially be causing this issue. I did see a suggestion to switch to the "Nightly" build. I did but it hasn't changed anything.

When trying to upload anything it gives all the normal signs that it would be uploaded but the file never appears.

This is happening on the "Java Minecraft" version I haven't tried any of the other ones but I imagine it is the same.

"AMP Release "Ganymede" v20210602.1, built 02/06/2021 03:00"

Mike posted this 3 weeks ago

Do not do chmod 777, that will damage your installation. You should use the ampinstmgr fixperms command.