• OS Name/Version: Ubuntu 19.04
  • Product Name/Version: AMP Release "TITAN", v1.8.3.4, built 09/08/2019 13:00


I have added a trigger to my minecraft server instance to send an email when a player joins the server. I would like to add the name of the player to the email and I figured out it can be done like this:

Subject: {@User} has joined the server

Body: {@User} with {@userid} has joined the server

The user part appears to work, unfortunately I forgot the capital in the Userid and because of that I had to redo the whole task. Then to find out , {@Userid} also did not work, so probably this parameter is not available.

  1. Maybe adding an edit button to task en trigger would help?
  2. Next to {@User} are there other parameters I can use?