ADS - Instances fails to remote into manage

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SmanUK posted this 04 July 2018

So as the title say, I have a running instance of The Forest, it green and running. When I click on to manage it, it goes to the next windows with the "Connecting to remote AMP intance" and sits there.

When I go to the console to see whats going on I find this

15:59:53 - Running C:\Servers\Games\CubeCoders\AMP\Instances\TheForest\AMP.exe Starting process C:\Servers\Games\CubeCoders\AMP\Instances\TheForest\AMP.exe Working Directory: C:\Servers\Games\CubeCoders\AMP\Instances\TheForest Arguments: Started process with ID 18272 Waiting for AMP instance to start... AMP instance TheForest is now running.

16:00:17 - Remote login token requested by SmanUK on

07/04/2018 16:00:18 :Anonymous 16:00:18 - Authentication attempt for user SmanUK from

07/04/2018 16:00:19 :SmanUK 16:00:19 - Authentication success

07/04/2018 16:00:19 :Anonymous 16:00:19 - Access denied: You do not have permission to use this method (WebMethods.GetAMPUserInfo) at this time. This method requires the Session.LoggedIn permission.

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Mike posted this 04 July 2018

Were the instances created by ADS?

SmanUK posted this 04 July 2018

Yes it was

Mike posted this 04 July 2018

Double check that the AMPConfig.conf has the correct details for the Auth server, and that everything is on AMP

SmanUK posted this 04 July 2018

Ok I check the auth server and nothing was set. Even when changing it it didn't work. Next think I did was even tho it said I was on I put the night build on over the top, made the instance again and its working now

WickedVikingBear posted this 13 July 2018

I had this happen to me too after the first run after a clean installation of AMP The only thing I had to do was to restart AMP with the *linux "./ampinstmgr StopAllInstances" and then start it again to solve the issue.