ADS - Instances fails to remote into manage

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SmanUK posted this 2 weeks ago

So as the title say, I have a running instance of The Forest, it green and running. When I click on to manage it, it goes to the next windows with the "Connecting to remote AMP intance" and sits there.

When I go to the console to see whats going on I find this

15:59:53 - Running C:\Servers\Games\CubeCoders\AMP\Instances\TheForest\AMP.exe Starting process C:\Servers\Games\CubeCoders\AMP\Instances\TheForest\AMP.exe Working Directory: C:\Servers\Games\CubeCoders\AMP\Instances\TheForest Arguments: Started process with ID 18272 Waiting for AMP instance to start... AMP instance TheForest is now running.

16:00:17 - Remote login token requested by SmanUK on

07/04/2018 16:00:18 :Anonymous 16:00:18 - Authentication attempt for user SmanUK from

07/04/2018 16:00:19 :SmanUK 16:00:19 - Authentication success

07/04/2018 16:00:19 :Anonymous 16:00:19 - Access denied: You do not have permission to use this method (WebMethods.GetAMPUserInfo) at this time. This method requires the Session.LoggedIn permission.

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Mike posted this 2 weeks ago

Were the instances created by ADS?

SmanUK posted this 2 weeks ago

Yes it was

Mike posted this 2 weeks ago

Double check that the AMPConfig.conf has the correct details for the Auth server, and that everything is on AMP

SmanUK posted this 2 weeks ago

Ok I check the auth server and nothing was set. Even when changing it it didn't work. Next think I did was even tho it said I was on I put the night build on over the top, made the instance again and its working now

WickedVikingBear posted this 4 days ago

I had this happen to me too after the first run after a clean installation of AMP The only thing I had to do was to restart AMP with the *linux "./ampinstmgr StopAllInstances" and then start it again to solve the issue.