AMP 1.6.9 - ADS in Controller/Target mode seems to be non-functional

  • Last Post 24 July 2018
drakmir posted this 06 July 2018

OS Name/Version:
Debian 9

Product Name/Version:
AMP 1.6.9

Problem Description:
ADS Controller and Target not functional

Steps to reproduce:
Install ADS as controller on first computer
Install ADS as target on second computer (refer to primary computer)
Note that in this case no SSL was used, if that does in fact matter

Actions taken to resolve so far: Restarts, Rebuilds, etc.
Tried nightly build
Setting the default user to something other than "Admin" seemed to introduce additional issues related to API calls failing.
Reverted back to using "Admin", which brought me to a state where the remote target was "seen" by the controller but sat in a state where it said "In queue for update..." and never recovered.

Expected action:
Target ADS should appear in controller ADS and be controllable by it.

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Mike posted this 06 July 2018

Can you verify that in AMPConfig.conf for the target that it had the correct details for the master as the login server?

drakmir posted this 06 July 2018

I'll rebuild the scenario and try again today, but I believe that the right defaults were present when I checked. The UI indicates that target -> controller must be done over SSL, but that doesn't appear to be the case. Can you confirm that isn't the problem?

drakmir posted this 06 July 2018

Rebuilt the scenario using Debian 8.

Confirmed that the AMPConfig.conf is correct.

Same problem occurs. The controller sees the target, but it is stuck at the "In queue for update..." message.

I can see the target authenticating properly in the console of the controller, that seems to be working. I can see the target configured itself in its own console.

drakmir posted this 06 July 2018

Upgraded to nightly.

Now, the ADS target is showing with the error message: Unavailable, retry pending

drakmir posted this 06 July 2018

Destroyed and rebuilt the target using the nightly build (instead of upgrading)

I know have "2" ADS instances showing (the old one with the retry pending message is still there).

The "new" nightly build is showing the queue message again.

drakmir posted this 06 July 2018

On nightly build target the following is seen:

07/06/2018 15:34:17
15:34:17Authentication success
Returned exception from API call
[0] (NullReferenceException) : Object reference not set to an instance of an object
at GSMyAdmin.WebServer.WebMethods.GetUpdateInfo () at GSMyAdmin.WebServer.WebAttributes.InvokeMethod (String MethodName, Newtonsoft.Json.Linq.JObject Data, m.Http.IHttpRequest request, ModuleShared.IWebSession Session, ModuleShared.WebMethodsBase MethodsClass, String RawRequest) at GSMyAdmin.WebServer.APIService.InvokeAPI (m.Http.IHttpRequest request, ModuleShared.IWebSession Session, Newtonsoft.Json.Linq.JObject Data, String RequestModule, String RequestMethod, String RawRequest)

Mike posted this 24 July 2018

Are you using HTTPS for ADS?