Previous release notes for AMP TITAN is a minor release with a handful of small bug fixes. There are no major changes in this release.

For many of you this may be the first time updating AMP. The easiest way to upgrade all your instances is to run:

ampinstmgr upgradeall in a terminal/command prompt (applies to both Windows and Linux)

Make sure you're doing this as the AMP user. Linux users can switch over by running su -l AMP (prefix with sudo for Ubuntu users)

The instance manager itself also gets updated, for Windows users you simply download a new package.

While ampinstmgr has technically been updated, there are no changes that affect Linux users.

It's also advisable that when you visit the AMP console again after updating to press CTRL+F5 (SHIFT+F5 for Firefox) to flush the pages from your browser cache.

AMP Core

  • Datalists are only cleared on double click rather than mousedown now.

Minecraft Module

  • Fixed querying of Paper versions
  • Fixed extracting plugin archives with nested directory structures


  • Fixed 'Default IP Binding' setting being ignored during autoconfigure.
  • Add "localhost" to list that defers to using target host instead of given host.
  • Fixed friendly name display in some areas.
  • Fixed dialogs for reconfiguring port mappings/instance settings.
  • Fixed bindings for instance settings (fixes suspended/start on boot toggles)

Instance Manager (Core)

  • Fixed stall on Windows systems if sc.exe isn't present when checking service status (Fixes GUI IM stall too)
  • Switched to using WMI to check if services are running on Windows instead.

Generic Module

  • Now writes unhandled messages to console/log.