It's finally here!

TITAN represents AMP in its most feature complete state, and ready to go for more widespread usage.

In the coming weeks we'll be working on some of the final touches and details to make it suitable for Enterprise usage, and some changes to the licencing to accommodate this.

This release includes some much needed quality of life features, with a big focus on improving manageability via ADS (editing port mappings and instance settings from the web interface), improvements to the backup system including the exclusions system, and a massive improvement to general performance especially during login.

This is your usual reminder that you may need to empty your browser cache (CTRL+F5) after updating AMP


  • Massively sped up logins. Now almost instant.
  • Fix search box overflowing.
  • Mobile UI style and layout tweaks.
  • Datalist settings (map dropdowns etc) clear when picking, allowing the entire list to show.
  • Notifications and running tasks now run correctly over WebSockets. Super fast!
  • Detection logic only works out admin status once on startup instead of every time its checked (fixes sudo spam on Linux)
  • Detection can now query installed glibc version (not used for anything just yet)
  • Fixed symlink resolution when getting external processes.
  • Added setting to ignore TLS/certificate errors when communicating with auth server (fails security validation if enabled)
  • Removed running tasks out of GetStatus and into GetUpdates when using polling.

File Manager

  • Added a special permission to allow editing AMP config files via the FM.
  • Implemented backup exclusions.
  • Fixed behaviour of trashing files/directory and introduce an upper bound so that symlink loops don't cause an infinite loop.
  • Fixed behaviour of GetFileInfo when accessing VDS directories.
  • Fixed behaviour of permissions evaluation when using absolute v.s. relative paths (no longer refuses for all absolute if they're still somewhere allowed)

Backup Plugin

  • Removed the IsSticky parameter from the Take Backup scheduler task. Broke off into separate task to take a sticky backup.

Instance Manager (CLI)

  • Added a 'deactivate' command to remove licences for an instance to make it easier to swap out.
  • Added 'friendly' prompts when asking the user for information. Mostly used during Quickstart.
  • Fixed password masking on Linux.

Instance Manager (Core)

  • Automatically change permissions of instances definition file if necessary on Windows.

Instance Manager (Windows GUI)

  • Now only creates ADS and McMyAdmin modules.
  • No longer requires a licence to be specified for ADS instances.

ADS Module

  • Port mappings can now be edited, as well as viewed.
  • Added an instance settings page to change friendly name, etc.
  • Removed ADS provisioning flags (since the required info is now supplied during setup)
  • Notifications are now synced between controllers and targets
  • Right side panel now correctly shows StartOnBoot and Suspended settings

Minecraft Module

  • Improved fault tolerance for permissions issues when handling server.properties
  • Implemented version selector and updating for Paper.
  • Fixed a race condition that could cause AMP to not register when users join (order of UUID vs Joined messages)

Generic Module

  • Now actually starts, but still barely usable. Extensive documentation still required.

Factorio Module

  • Configuration update - setting name change.

ARMA Module

  • Now ignores 64-bit setting on Linux (there is no 64 bit server under Linux)

Linux Installation Script

  • Errors out on non-x86_64 systems.
  • Fixed escaping issues when using complex passwords.
  • Port number is now in a single variable to make it easier for users to quickly modify the script if necessary.

Windows MSI Installer

  • Correctly starts IM during installation and shows survey during removal.