AMP 2.2 "Callisto"

Callisto is a major new AMP release with some really cool new functionality. This is especially true with the Generic module which can now write configuration files in a few different formats based on metadata you give it.

This is a fairly significant change that instantly increases the number of applications that AMP can manage without requiring new code to be written. Before now one of the big reasons for having separately coded up modules was due to the limitations of the Generic module and the need of some applications to have configuration files instead of taking command line flags.

Also for Network and Enterprise users ADS got nice new touch - provisioning templates are now derrived from application templates. This takes a lot of the effort out of building new templates and allows you to trivially deploy templates based on generic module configurations.

I'd also like to give an extra big thanks to the newer Patreon users who signed on recently. You guys rock and really make this possible.


Generic Module

  • The generic configuration information can now have a default value specified rather than it having to be included in the KVP (You can still do it this way).
  • Added a new configuration manifest that lets you produce configuration files in various formats for applications that don't take command line flags (or that benefit from extra functionality if you use them). Right now they are write-only but read support may come later. Documentation for this is in the wiki page for configuring the Generic module.
  • You can now use $MaxUsers as a configuration variable so that this setting can be exposed to the UI.


  • Deployment templates can now derrive their configuration from AMPs own application templates.
  • Instances created from deployment templates now use the correct background image to help tell them apart.
  • Fixed URL generation for remote instances when using IPv6 addresses.

AMP Core

  • Fixed the behaviour of the licence features code path. Features such as Templates now show properly on licences other than Enterprise that are entitled to it.
  • Added robots.txt by default to disallow all indexing for security reasons. Admins probably don't want their panels showing up in search engines.

Other Changes

  • [7D2D] Added missing LD_LIBRARY_PATH environment variable.
  • [Minecraft] Workaround for getting Bedrock version information.
  • [Minecraft] Added an 'Additional server arguments' setting to allow setting extra flags that go at the end of the arguments list. Useful for --forceupdate and similar for Spigot.
  • [File Manager] Fix sizing of kebab menu on the right of items when using the compact view (especially on mobile)
  • [Backups] The 'Backup Failed' scheduled task now emits the reason why the backup failed. Useful for sending in emails, push notifications, etc.