AMP and McMyAdmin

  • Last Post 29 July 2017
bulletproof posted this 28 July 2017

are these currently down. because all of a sudden 2 days ago it was timing my server out every 5 mins or so. and when i try to create an instance it get hung up at configurning AMP. ive deleted everything and redownloaded it and still same. so im thinking its on your end. my server is up and running fine the old fashion way. ive been using McMyAdmin for months with no problem but 2 days ago is when ive been having problems.

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Mike posted this 28 July 2017

There is no 'our' end, we don't host any AMP or McMyAdmin infrastructure other than the licence system which only applies during installation, everything is 100% contained on your own server. Any connectivity issues aren't anything to do with us.

bulletproof posted this 29 July 2017

yeah its just weird. maybe its the licence part of it. ive got one server running on it. how ever everytime i try to set it up it says i have 2 registered even tho ive deleted the instances. so its just confusing.