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Bepeatwoods posted this 5 weeks ago


I recently bought AMP because of my great experience with McMyAdmin, but once i start a ARK survival evolved server it takes 2 hours to update (on a 1Gbps server connection) and in other software called "ARK server manager" it takes only a couple minutes.

After the update of ark, i started the server, and its not yet started (30mins later) and with ark server manager i took 5 mins, maybe i did some mistake during the installatio, can someone help me?

Server Hardware: Intel xeon E5-2630v4 (not ideal for game servers but it should do the job) 50GB RAM DDR4 ECC 500GB HDD 1Gbps Bandwidth

Actually it is a KVM that i made in Proxmox.

Thank you very much, Best Regards Pedro

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Mike posted this 5 weeks ago

AMP just uses steamcmd to download it. So it'll just go as fast as steamcmd does it. Not something AMP itself is actually involved with other than invoking steamcmd.

Bepeatwoods posted this 5 weeks ago


Ok but the problem is.. it still saying "starting ark:se server" almost 3hours later. I would believe that is the steamcmd but it is taking too long. I will make a test on my own home computer (i7 with SSD) and see if the peoblem is with my server.

Thank you Mike for your answere Best Regards Pedro

Mike posted this 5 weeks ago

Starting and updating are different things. Are you sure its the update process that's taking a long time instead of AMP not realising the server has actually started.

Bepeatwoods posted this 5 weeks ago


Well, like i told before, the update took 2h and now the problem is, since my first message i'm not able to start this server. I made 4+ attempts and some of them i let it load for more than 1hour.

I made a test with a minecraft server and it worked without any problem. What can be the problem?

In the logs i'm stuck in this process: Started process with ID 7512

Thank You Best Regards Pedro

flagoss posted this 5 weeks ago

I have been running two ARK servers using AMP in the past weeks and it is working great. Both servers have many mods and they take about 1.5 to 2 minutes each to start.

Just remember that there are many missing or broken features in AMP to properly run a ARK using only AMP. -Backup feature is useless since it backup the whole ark folder (many GB) and not only the save folder -The restart button just stop the server. -You can't schedule automatic server restart. -You can't auto update mods -You don't have access to all configuration of your ark server. ( Easily doable via file editing)

Bepeatwoods posted this 5 weeks ago

Hello flagoss Are you using windows or linux?

Mike posted this 5 weeks ago

Bepeatwoods, that's a point - the developers of The Forest don't have a Linux version of the server so far as I know so if you run AMP on Linux and tell it to run The Forest it'll just sit there doing nothing. That's why Ark Server Manager is Windows Only.

Bepeatwoods posted this 5 weeks ago

Ups i miss click Im running AMP on windows server 2016 and since yesterday i couldn't put this to work

flagoss posted this 4 weeks ago

I am running my servers on Windows Server 2016 as well.

To update my mods, this is what I do: I stop the server in AMP. Launch ASM and use it to update the mods. Start back the server in AMP.