AMP Background image URL does not display images

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Leeham posted this 2 weeks ago

Hi, I am trying to add a custom PNG to replace the background image in the web panel. I have tried adding an Imgur link to a PNG file, but it does not work. What are the recommended resolution and format of the image to ensure that it works? I can not find anything in the wiki about recommended formats.


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Mike posted this 2 weeks ago

What AMP edition do you have?

Leeham posted this 2 weeks ago

I am running the network edition (50 instances)

Field Value OS Linux Platform Ubuntu 20.04.3 LTS System Type x86_64 Virtualization VMware Module ADSModule Loaded Plugins FileManagerPlugin, EmailSenderPlugin, WebRequestPlugin, LocalFileBackupPlugin, CommonCorePlugin Application Name AMP Application Version Release Stream Release