This release focuses largely on bug fixes and usability improvements, including improved status monitoring for background tasks and startup issues with the Minecraft module.

Notes for Windows users

The new AMP instance manager installation isn't an in-place upgrade. You will need to uninstall the existing instance manger (this will not delete your instance data!) - and then when installing the new version, pick the Custom option and change the datastore directory to your existing one. You should have a new .MSI installer instead of an .EXE file.


  • Fixed a scheduler issue that would cause AMP to crash if a user supplied value couldn't be cooerced into a boolean.
  • Fixed webserver crashing if a websocket broadcast is performed at the same moment a user logs in.
  • Fixed requiring AMPLOGLEVEL to be explicitly set on non-English Debian systems.
  • Fixed a race condition caused by trying to expire sessions at the same time another user logs in.
  • Fixed WaitForExitAsync() falling over on Windows if the process has already exited.
  • Read-only settings can now always be read by default even if the user doesn't have permission (unless explicitly opted out by the setting) - also applies to new AlwaysAllowRead attribute.
  • Handle IO better failures when writing to audit log (write to primary log instead).
  • Pressing ENTER in popup prompts now does the same as clicking OK.
  • Don't error out when trying to update details for a user with no email address.
  • Updated initial feature test to show outdated browser warning on IE11 again.
  • Rebuilt notifications UI to be data bound. Allows for better error reporting on long running tasks in the future.
  • Updated libraries to latest versions.


  • Don't specify an auth server when using Hybrid mode by default.

Instance Manager core

  • Fixed autoconfigure trying to re-use instance names that are already in use.
  • Added missing names for running tasks that are created.
  • Fixed the wrong console being shown when managing and instance and ADS has websockets enabled.
  • Explicitly overrides default locale within AMP.
  • Improved exception logging.
  • Now removes AMP files that don't belong to the target platform. Saves Linux users about 15MB/instance and Windows users about 45MB/instance

File Manager

  • Removed a stack of unused workers and language handlers, saves about 12MB per instance.

Instance Manager CLI

  • Now recommends a sane address to browse to when an instance is on

Instance Manager GUI

  • Updated to use new IM Core library
  • Added Command Prompt and View Logs options
  • New installer! Installs Core by default and has option to include in PATH
  • By default datastore is located in AMPDatastore on the drive with the most free space.

Backup Plugin

  • Fixed side-based backup cycling.

Minecraft Module

  • Fixed Spigot version selector.
  • Fixed issue that caused the server to not start unless the internal EULA check was disabled.
  • Fixed EULA prompt not showing on new servers.
  • Fixed module falling over if the bedrock server could not be saved to disk when downloaded.
  • Fixed plugin installation not being possible when the instance is managed via ADS.
  • Fixed parameter orders for Buildtools on Windows.
  • Skips Java check when using a Bedrock server.
  • Updated message handling mappings for Bedrock.

RCON Plugin

  • Now drops connection rather than crashing if a packet is recieved with a length of less than 0.

Rust Module

  • Fixed module falling over if a message was sent before RCON was initialized.

SteamCMD Plugin

  • Added support for downloading workshop items (not yet used in any modules).

7 Days to Die Module

  • Added new Zombie movement settings.